Take Route 487 through Orangeville. Go through the town of Forks. Turn Right onto Zahner's Bridge Road. Stay on this road until you reach State Route 239. Note: The name of Zahner's Bridge Road changes to Town Hill Road. While traveling this road you will see some landmarks. You will pass the Boston Berry Farm. You will pass the Town Hill United Methodist Church. You will pass Lake Pine Crest. Keep going until you reach State Route 239. Go straight across State Route 239. This will put you on Hunlock-Harveyville Road. Go straight down this road. Look for a Blue House /Inn on the right. This is the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast. You will notice a small white sign on the left side that says AYSO. Turn right at the Blue Heron. The fields are behind The Blue Heron. The road is black top, it looks like a driveway. There is a white garage right along side the road. This road quickly changes to dirt. You will see the soccer fields straight ahead.

Alternate Route: Take Route 11 toward Berwick. Go through Berwick to Shickshinny. Turn Left onto Route 239. Take Route 239 until you get to Huntington Mills. Take the second right after Huntington Mills (you will see sign for Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast). Follow this road for approx. 1 mile. You will see the Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast on your right. The fields are behind the Bed & Breakfast.